Lavenham Falconry the Raptor Conservancy provides offsite displays, demonstrations and talks about native and non native species of the United Kingdom.

We can offer 3 different types of packages, these can be changed to to meet you or your venues requirements.

Public speaking and talks

1 to 2 birds usually an owl and hawk

static display

Static displays – up to 10 birds of prey

Static and flying demonstration

up to 10 birds of prey and 3 flying (Hawk, Owl and Falcon)

We require an area of approx 5 Meters X 5 Meters to assemble safety fencing, Tables and for outside venues Gazebos.

Please note displays can not be placed near small animals/birds or dogs.

For more information about the Displays and talks please contact us via email : or through our contact us page.

Animal Activities Licence 1st April 2019

From 1st April 2019 Animal activities must be licenced and this includes village fairs and fetes, bird of prey experiences, encounters,educational talks,school visits, childrens parties, hospital and care homes visits. If an animal is shown publicly for financial gains then the company requires the Animal activities licence and full public liability insurance.

This licence is issued buy the local council and a Defra or Alpa registered vet after a stringent inspection of the business and its welfare procedures of the animals.

The licence is to ensure higher welfare standards for the animals being used and greater public safety.

Lavenham falconry the raptor conservancy are fully licenced including the animal transport licence and this can be found at the bottom of the website pages. we are also fully insured.

If booking a company please ensure the business is licenced and fully insured as legally required by the government as unlicensed businesses their public liability will be void.

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Keeping or Training animals for exhibition licence - LN/0660