Since the establishment of Lavenham Falconry in 2012, a number of Birds of Prey have been rehabilitated back into the wild ranging from Owls, Buzzards and Falcons.

Most of the Owls that come into the Centre are injured due to road accidents or orphaned Owlets found on the floor by Members of the Public.

Falcons and Buzzard’s are generally brought to us because of Persecution from Humans or poor condition due to the weather and or lack of food. Unfortunately lack of food plays a major part in the birds that are handed into us.

The Raptor Conservancy also takes in a number of other animals for rehabilitation back into the wild. Any wildlife is welcome at Raptor Conservancy.

Lavenham Raptor Conservancy also have a program of Education with Schools offering Work Experience placements for Schools, Colleges and Universities. 

The Objectives of the Raptor Conservancy are:

  1. Welfare of injured Birds of Prey and the rehabilitation back into the wild.
  2. Education and Public awareness.
  3. Breeding and Conservation

The Raptor Conservancy also offers assistance and advice on aspects of breeding projects, Provide Owl boxes and installation of these boxes in areas to help establish species, and the money raised from this is injected back into the charitable side for the future projects and the cost incurred in the treatment, housing and feeding of the birds in our care whether it be short or long term.

If you would like to help us with the work we do rehabilitating Wildlife, you can either donate old towels and blankets, newspapers or by clicking the donate button below. Every little bit helps.

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