Full Day Falconry Experience

This is without doubt our most popular experience and is a real hands on day. We start the day by introducing you to a selection of our birds, allowing you to getup close and personal with our Hawks, Owls,eagle owls and falcons.

The falconer will explain about the habitat, life skills and history of each individual bird that is flown. Lunch is then at our onsite Tea room that serves excellent food. After Lunch you will learn about the weighing, feeding and maintenance of the birds, and also continue flying a selection of our birds. This really is a wonderful gift and is our most popular experience practising falconry in Suffolk.
a selection of birds are flown including owls,eagle owls, hawks,buzzards,corvids and falcons.

During the afternoon a demonstration of a pursuit or hunting falcon is given for guests to see the speed,agility and skill of a top perfomance bird of prey.
Our falcons are some of the best bred falcons available and bred for the middle east for the purpose of racing.

refreshments are available during the morning and afternoon.

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Full Day Falconry Experience GIFT VOUCHER £125.00 per person
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Full Day Falconry Experience voucher £125.00 per person
Guest Pass £45.00 per person
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All vouchers are valid for 12 months and the Experience MUST be taken in this time. Terms and Conditions apply. Vouchers are NOT refundable or Extendable. When you purchase your voucher they are automatically sent to the email address provided. To book your appointment please give 8 weeks notice. There is no charge for Children under the age of 6 who are non- participating guest.

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