Fantastic day with friends in on the owl encounter with gizmo, gadget, Agnes, earl, Bonnie, hector, wispa & owlbert

owlberts back on experiences after his moult and loving being back to work.


  Owlbert the little owl 

 Darren & Owlbert 


Fact file- little owls 


1 ) introduces to England in the 1880’s to eat garden pests

2) originated and purchased from Italy by weatlthy landowners

3) three to four eggs, hatch between 29  – 31 days the female incubates the eggs while the Male hunts for food. They lay their eggs in tree hollow and buildings.

4) They are active between dusk and midnight and during the hours of dawn.

5)  little owl hunt from posts and branches and swoop down onto their prey and also chase it on the ground.


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