Charlie the ferruginous hawk/ buzzard 

Charlie the ferruginous is 4 years old and came  to us in 2016

she had never been flown and had lived in a garden in wales tethered to a long line.

She has been used on some of our experiences in the time she’s been with us and now flown free…. at a flying weight of 4lb2oz and a wingspan of 4 ft she is a large hawk.

fact file-

1) Ferruginous hawks/ buzzards are from the mid west of America and lives on the plaines and mountain regions, semiarid and grasslands.

2) The ferruginous hawk/ buzzard naturally cross beeed with its close relative the Red tailed hawk.

3) In America the ferruginous is classified as an eagle.

4) The ferruginous is a member of the broardwinged hawk species although it’s wing shape is very long and narrow in comparison to the buzzards.

5) The ferruginous is a fast, aggressive and powerful hawk and not for a beginner.


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