Merlin our smallest display falcon is a very brave and special little falcon

She is now 1 year old as of 2018 and has been drone trained as well as lure trained…

On occasions we do use this little falcon for guests to fly.


Fact file-

1) kestrels are a native species of falcon that lives in the United Kingdom as well as parts of Europe

2) like all falcons the kestrel has long wings and a long tail.

3) Kestrels areĀ able to see near ultraviolet light, allowing the birds to detect the urine trails around rodent burrows as they shine in an ultraviolet colour in the sunlight.

4) kestrels hover approx 10 to 20 metres above the ground by facing into a head wind to fine lift or by ridge lift

5) kestrels lay between 3 to 7 eggs in total


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