Hector the dark breasted barn owl is a new member of our barn owl team.

He arrived at 3 weeks old ais one of our most striking and popular owls available on the owl encounter and half day experience.

Different in colour to our common barn owl with relatively large feet these owls are found in Europe and on occasions in the United Kingdom.

Like all barn owl species this owl is a twilight hunter  ‘ Crepuscular these are animals that are active primarily during twilight  (that is, the periods of dawn & dusk

Fact file- 

1) The female barn owl does all the incubating of the eggs and tearing while the Male barn owl hunts and provides food for his mate and the youngsters.

2) The barn owl is the most widespread of all owl species throughout the world..

3) Barn  owls mainly hunt the short tailed vole but has been known to hunt bats.

4) The white species of the Barn owl is known as the common barn owl.

5) The correct name is the ‘ ghost Owl’  as it was often seen in twilight hours or dawn and dust or ‘ ‘crepuscular’


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