Bonnie the Eurasian Eagle Olwl is one of our largest eagle owls at the conservancy at lavenham falconry.

At 5 years old she is a very popular Eagle Owl at the centre on the half day and full day experiences.

With a wingspan of almost 6 ft and weighing in excess of 6 lb

Bonnie  has been used as a hunting eagle owl in the past and been very successful in rabbit and mink hunting.

Fact File- 

1) Eurasian Eagle Owls were originally called European eagle owls but have been renamed because they have spread to parts of Asia.

2) Although  not classified as an English species the Eurasian eagle owl has been found breeding in the untitled kingdom and parts of Scotland with between 10 and 40 Pairs breeding as of 2016

3) The Eurasian eagle owl is one of the largest Owls in the world and hunts a large variety of quarry from rabbits, hares, squirrels, game birds, deer & foxes.

4) The Eurasian digs a scrape in the ground and lays  its eggs and broods/ incubates while the Male hunts and guards the nest area. The young stay with their parents on average 5 to 6 months.

5) Victorians often persecuted the eagle owl and had them stuffed,mounted as a display in their homes. Recently  Eurasian eagle owl bones discovered dated back almost 2000 years in England and possibly sometime in the future will be classified as an English species.


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