New Arrivals to Lavenham Falconry


Lavenham Falconry can proudly introduce 9 new additions to the family. Whisper the Ashy Faced Owl, Owl-bert  the Little Owl, Nyla the Snowy Owl, Jasper the Common Buzzard, Darwin the Long Eared Owl, Charlotte and Zorro the Ferruginous Hawk, Phoenix the Redtail Hawk and Inca the Harris Hawk. They will all grow up and become […]

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Harris Hawks


Lavenham Falconry has successfully bred 2 pairs of Harris Hawks, both producing large males and females. Both sets of parents have been entered onto Fur and Feather, and have proved to be very good hunters. If you are interested in Lavenham Falcorny’s young Harris Hawks please visit our page:

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New Volunteers


We would like to introduce John, who joined us early this year by visiting the centre and partaking in a Hawk walk. He enjoyed himself and loved being around the birds, that he has now joined us and comes in once a week (the only free day!!) to help clean out and train the birds. […]

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New Enclosures


After many years in the planning we have started to build our new enclosures with the Eagles and CaraCara, our next big job is to build the enclosures for the ‘Little Owls (Elmo and Owl-bert) and the Ravens. At the end of the flying season (November) we hope to start building the outside aviaries, to be […]

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