Welcome to Lavenham Falconry – Education, Conservation and Rehabilitation Centre

Lavenham Falconry was created in 2011 to give visitors the opportunity to fly and learn about our beautiful birds of prey. We are based in the beautiful village of Monks Eleigh just outside Lavenham at the very popular Bridge Farm Barns, formally known as “Corncraft”. Our centre is situated in the “Owl Barn” at the rear of the complex leading out to the 3 acre flying ground.

We also offer school visits, displays, wedding owls for ring delivery and shows, with a variety of Owls, Eagle Owls, Hawks, Corvids, Falcons, Eagles and Vulture.

In addition guests can visit our Mobile exotic Zoo called Scales, Tails and Talons. Visitors have the chance to handle and learn about these exotic species during our workshops based at the centre, which are held twice a day on Saturdays and Sunday’s and everyday during the school holidays. Or Scales, Tails and Talons can visit schools, clubs and parties with a selection of Reptiles, Insects and Parrots. More details can be found on our Mobile Zoo Page.

Although it takes a lot of dedication and hard work Lavenham Falconry takes pride in offering a friendly hands on experience to make it the premiere Bird of Prey Experience Centre in Suffolk.

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Lavenham Falconry, The Owl Barn, Bridge Farm Barns,
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