Private Outside Displays


Our private displays are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings etc.. Lavenham Falconry in Suffolk provides the following Displays and off site events;


  • Static Display and Bird Handling Experience

  • Static Display and Flying Display


We have a selection of birds including Owls, Hawks, Falcons and Eagles.


Outside Events

Our outside events are perfectly suited to schools, fates, country shows and carnivals etc.. We provide a variety of birds for both static and flying displays.



  • For the flying display

             A cordoned off area is required (usually the arena where other events are taking place, providing it is suitable). Use of a PA system, preferably with headset microphone. (We do have a small portable system ourselves).



  • For the static display

             We provide our own fencing to protect the birds of prey and gazebos to shelter them if necessary. We prefer a quieter area of the show ground preferably with a solid back (trees or hedgerow) and under trees to sit the birds while resting. We also need to have our vehicle with us.